Power Projects

By Year Order (Completed Year)


Power Projects (Ongoing - 2020)

Project Name LocationTonnage*Plant/Industry Type & CapacityBusiness LineYear
CMI - JOHN COCKERILL | TOPLARNA Project GR20 HRSG PipingSlovenia74Coal-Fired - 110 MWLSAW Pipe, FittingOngoing
ENKA | Fast-Track Tripoli West Simple Cycle Power Plant ProjectLibyan Arab Jamahiriya394Gas Fired - 680 MWLSAW Pipe, Fitting, Pipe SpoolOngoing
ENKA | Fast-Track Misrata Simple Cycle Power Plant ProjectLibyan Arab Jamahiriya349Coal-Fired - 650 MWLSAW Pipe, FittingOngoing
ENKA | IQ389 West Qurna I PW2 Project (AWQ0815)Iraq213Power Plant - 126 MWPipe SpoolOngoing
GE POWER | Orot Rabin CCPPIsrael195CCPP - 630 MWFitting, Pipe SpoolOngoing
EIFFAGE METAL COCKERILL | Provence Grand Large (PGL) Project - Steel BracesFrance1,750Floating Wind FarmLSAW Pipe, Fitting, Pipe SpoolOngoing
GE POWER | Hinkley Point C Nuclear Power PlantThe U.K.1,200Coal-FiredLSAW Pipe, FittingOngoing
LAMPRELL | Seagreen Offshore Windfarm ProjectSouth Africa1,141OffshoreJ Tubes (LSAW Pipe , Fitting)Ongoing
MHPS EUROPE | Wolfsburg Coal to Gas Steam Power Plant Conversion ProjectGermany480CCPP - 288 MWPipe SpoolOngoing
ÇELİKLER HOLDING| Pamukören Jeo-thermal Power Plant ProjectTurkey29CCPP/SCPPPipe SpoolOngoing
GE BAKER HUGES OIL&GAS | Desuperheater Fabrication for Various ProjectsThe U.S.A., Brazil1CCPPDesuperheaterOngoing
GE ENERGY FRANCE | GE 9E Gas Turbine Piping PrefabricationWorld-Wide1,335CCPP/SCPP-CC:193 MW/setPipe SpoolOngoing
GE ENERGY U.S.A | GE 9F Gas Turbine Piping PrefabricationWorld-Wide2,933CCPP/SCPP-CC:390 MW/set(9FA)CC:413 MW/set (9FB)Pipe SpoolOngoing
GE ENERGY FRANCE | GE 6F Gas Turbine Piping PrefabricationWorld-Wide400CCPP/SCPP - CC:118 MW/setPipe SpoolOngoing
GE ENERGY FRANCE  | GE 6B Gas Turbine Piping PrefabricationWorld-Wide264CCPP/SCPP - CC:64 MW/setPipe SpoolOngoing
GE ENERGY FRANCE  | GE 6F.01 Gas Turbine Piping PrefabricationWorld-Wide21CCPP/SCPPPipe SpoolOngoing
GE ENERGY U.S.A | GE Steam Turbine HP Piping PrefabricationWorld-Wide320CCPP/SCPP -300-399 MW/setPipe SpoolOngoing
GE BAKER HUGES OIL&GAS | Desuperheater Fabrication for Various ProjectsThe U.S.A., Brazil4CCPPDesuperheater2020
RHI | Kuzey Marmara Offshore JacketTurkey580OffshoreLSAW Pipe2020
SIEMENS HTT | VW Sued Power Project HRSG PipingGermany54Gas Fired - 136 MWPipe Spool2020
SIEMENS | Herne CCPP Module ProjectGermany1,722CCPP - 600 MWFitting, Modules & Skids2020
ORANO (AREVA) | The La Hague Nuclear Fuel Recovery PlantFrance41Nuclear Fuel Recycling PlantEngineering, Chimney Ventilation Systems2020
PJ PIPING | Material Supply to Various ProjectsThe U.S.A15PowerFitting2020
ENKA | Nizhnekamsk CCPP ProjectRussian, Tatarstan420CCPP - 495 MWPipe Spool, Fitting2020
GE POWER | Oumache Djezair (Algeria) 4 units 9FA Piping + Loose HardwareAlgeria132CCPP - 1,338 MWPipe Spool2020
GE POWER | Tambak Lorok 9HA ST & GT PipingIndonesia29CCPP - 1,338 MWPipe Spool2020
ENKA & GE | Samawa Combined Cycle Power PlantIraq640CCPP - 750 MWEngineering, Pipe Spool2020
ENKA & GE | Dhi Qar Combined Cycle Power PlantIraq540CCPP - 750 MWFitting, Pipe Spool2020
BUHLMANN | HKW Marl ProjectGermany21Power PlantLSAW Pipe2020