Power Projects

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Power Projects (2019-2017)

Project Name (2012-2010)LocationTonnage*Plant/Industry Type & CapacityBusiness LineYear
GE POWER | EVM -Energía del Valle de México- II, CCPP BOP Modules and PipingMexico1,750CCPP - 615 MWPipe Spool, Modules & Skids2019
ORANO (AREVA) | The La Hague Nuclear Fuel Recovery PlantFrance43Nuclear Fuel Recycling PlantPressurized Equipment2019
DOOSAN SKODA POWER | Muara Tawar Add On Turbine PipingIndonesia99Gas Fired - 150 MWPipe Spool, Fitting2019
SMM | Offshore Jacket ProjectThe Netherlands26OffshoreLSAW Pipe2019
GLOBAL RISER | Riser PipesThe Netherlands7OffshoreLSAW Pipe2019
RHI | Kuzey Marmara Offshore JacketTürkiye2,270OffshoreLSAW Pipe2019
CMI | Zeran Coal Fired PP - HRSG PipingIraq226CCPP - 490 MWFitting, Pipe Spool2019
GE POWER | El Bracho Combined Cycle  L41/L42Argentina540CCPP - 468 MWFitting, Pipe Spool2019
MHPS America | Modularized Gas Turbine Enclosure DesignThe U.S.A.CCPPModules & Skids2019
GE POWER | GE L41&L42MexicoCCPPEngineering2019
A.ALEXANDRIS | Riser PipesGreece120OffshoreLSAW Pipe2018
CMI | Besmaya CCPP Phase II - HRSGx4 PipingIraq418CCPPFitting, Pipe Spool2018
DOOSAN SKODA POWER | Grati II Add On ProjectIndonesia19CCPP - 195 MWPipe Spool2018
GE BAKER HUGES OIL&GAS | Desuperheater Fabrication for Various ProjectsMalaysia, Bahrain, Pakistan, Republic of Korea34CCPPDesuperheater2018
ENKA | MISURATA SCPPLibyaSCPPEngineering2018
ENKA | West Tripoli SCPPLibyaSCPPEngineering2018
ORANO (AREVA) | The La Hague Nuclear Fuel Recovery PlantFrance7Nuclear Fuel Recycling PlantPressurized EquipmentLot1: 2017 Lot2: 2018
UPPER EGYPT ELECTRICITY PRODUCTION COMPANY (UEEPC) | South Helwan Supercritical Power PlantEgypt3,715SCPP - 3x650 MWFitting, Pipe Spool2017
BECHTEL POWER FREDERICK | Hummel Power Plant - Coal to Natural Gas ConversionThe U.S.A.919CCPP - 1,124 MWFitting, Pipe Spool2017
AKSA | AKSA Acrylic Coal Fired Plant Revamping ProjectTürkiye371Coal-Fired - 99 MWFitting, Pipe Spool, Pressurized Equipment2017
GE ENERGY BELFORT | Alba Power 9HA PipingBahrain105CCPP - 1,792 MWFitting, Pipe Spool2017
TOSHIBA INT. LTD.| Kizildere 3 Geothermal Project Unit 2Türkiye15Geothermal- 95 MWFitting, Pipe Spool2017
MAN DIESEL | AKSA Acrylic Coal Fired Plant Revamping ProjectTürkiye9Coal-Fired - 99 MWPipe Spool2017