La Hague Nuclear Fuel Recovery Facility France

The Site Installation of the Equipment Fabricated by Cimtas Pipe for
the La Hague Nuclear Fuel Recovery Facility is Completed

Cimtas Pipe has provided the full scope of services including detail engineering, material supply, fabrication, and site delivery for 6 pressurizer units, pots, boilers, condensers, and ventilation stacks within the scope of orders received from Orano in late 2018 for the La Hague Nuclear Fuel Recovery Facility in France.

The condensers to be used for the New Fission Production Concentration Unit Project (NCPF), arrived at the site and the field installation has been completed successfully.

All the parts of the condensers are fabricated in X2 Cr Ni 18 9 to warrant a service life of 32 years. During design and fabrication, particular attention was focused on the condition that these condensers meet France's Nuclear Pressure Equipment Regulation (ESPN), which sets out the regulations applicable to nuclear pressure equipment, in particular to the primary coolant system.

Each of 6 units; 4,05 meters in length and 4,2 tons

Compliance with regulatory requirements is ensured by design quality and was monitored during manufacturing through scheduled inspections.


Thanks to this project completed with ORANO (formerly known as AREVA), one of the global players in the nuclear sector, Cimtas Pipe has proven its competencies for challenging nuclear-related projects.

U Bundle TUBE for Condenser