Oil, Gas and Chemicals Projects

By Year Order (Completed Year)


Oil, Gas & Chemicals Projects (Ongoing -2020)

Project NameLocationTonnage*Plant/Industry TypeBusiness LineYear
FORAIN | Socar Slug CatcherAzerbaijan386Oil & GasLSAW Pipe, Fitting, Pipe SpoolOngoing
MMSA MOROCCO | JESA Jorf Lasfar DAP Fertilizer Project - ISBLMorocco1,730Fertilizer PlantLSAW Pipe, Fitting, Pipe SpoolOngoing
PETKIM - SOCAR | Heat Exchanger FabricationTurkey6Petrochemical PlantPressurized EquipmentOngoing
PETKIM - SOCAR | Design, Consultancy and Engineering ServicesTurkey-Petrochemical PlantEngineeringOngoing
STEELTRADE | Baltic Pipe Everdrup Compressor StationDenmark613Oil & GasLSAW PipeOngoing
CTA S.p.A | PDH Kallo Phase 5Belgium59RefineryLSAW PipeOngoing
BAKER HUGES GE OIL& GAS | Desuperheater Fabrication for Various ProjectsBangladesh, Saudi Arabia, The U.S.A.10Oil&GasDesuperheaterOngoing
SOCAR TURKEY| Star Rafineri / Improvement, Flexibility, Operability and Profitability (IFOP)Turkey3,007RefineryLSAW Pipe, Fitting, Pipe Spool2020
TECHNIP FMC BENELUX | Neste Renewable Products Refinery Expansion Project- Steam Reformer PackageSingapore48RefineryPipe Spool2020
CUNADO | HAOR Project (HAYDAR ALIYEV OIL REFINERY)Azerbaijan10RefineryLSAW Pipe2020
DYLAN STEEL SOLUTIONS - BOREALIS | Kallo ProjectBelgium59Petrochemicals PlantFitting2020
BHGE THERMODYN | BPC 1PE0032 Wanhua ProjectChina210Petrochemicals PlantPipe Spool2020
BECHTEL OG&C HOUSTON | Sabine Pass LNG Terminal (Stage 6)The U.S.A.7,537LNGEngineering, LSAW Pipe, Fitting, Pipe Spool2020
PETKIM - SOCAR TURKEY | Star Refinery Fire System Improvement ProjectsTurkeyRefineryEngineering2020
PETKIM - SOCAR TURKEY | PA Plant and Waste Recovery Unit P&ID Updating WorksTurkeyRefineryEngineering2020
BAKER HUGES GE OIL& GAS | Desuperheater Fabrication for Various ProjectsAlgeria, China, The K.S.A., Morocco, The U.S.A.,  Lebanon11Oil&Gas, Petrochemicals PlantDesuperheater2020
SOCAR TURKEY | STAR Refinery - IFOP - COR 72 FittingsTurkey1,106RefineryFitting2020
TEKNOKON | LINDE ProjectTurkey30Oil & GasFitting2020
GASCO | El Teena / Meet Nama Gas PipelineEgypt39PipelineFitting2020
MARIE TECHNIMONT | HAOR Project (Haydar Aliyev Oil Refinery)Azerbaijan40RefineryLSAW Pipe2020
UNISAN | Star Refinery COFOT ProjectTurkey478RefineryLSAW Pipe2020
MARIE TECHNIMONT | HAOR Project (Haydar Aliyev Oil Refinery)Azerbaijan70RefineryLSAW Pipe2020
BECHTEL LONDON | West Nile Delta (WND) ProjectEgypt2Processing PlantPipe Spool (SW Type Supports)2020
OMV INDOIL | Croatian LNG TerminalCroatia186Oil & GasLSAW Pipe2020
TPK ARMATURA | Croatian LNG TerminalCroatia71LNGLSAW Pipe2020
C.T.A S.p.A | PDH Kallo Phases 1-2-3-4Belgium1,900Petrochemicals PlantLSAW Pipe2020
BAKER HUGES GE OIL& GAS | Desuperheater Fabrication for Various ProjectsBangladesh, Saudi Arabia, The U.S.A.11Oil&Gas, Petrochemical PlantsDesuperheater2020
BUHLMANN | LSAW Pipe and Fitting Manufacturing for Various ProjectsGermany, Bulgaria347Oil&GasLSAW Pipe, Fitting2020