Cimtas Pipe was Awarded to Provide LSAW Pipes and Fittings to
Hinkley Point C Nuclear Plant

Cimtas Pipe and GE Power will continue their long-term business relationship, ongoing since 2002 and based on mutual trust, with material supply solutions including newly promoted commodities of Cimtas Pipe to Hinkley Point C Nuclear Plant.

Within the scope of the project, Cimtas Pipe will manufacture 750 tons of LSAW pipes and 455 tons of elbows and tees in alloy, stainless and carbon steel material grades to be used in steam turbine piping of two units in the Hinkley Point C Nuclear Plant, 3,200 MW with two EPR reactors in Somerset, England.

While the first unit deliveries are planned to be completed in May 2021, the project will finish with Unit 2 deliveries in May 2022.

This project with GE Power carries importance in terms of including the first material supply to a nuclear project and enabling Cimtas Pipe to be distinguished from other suppliers with its capabilities for challenging nuclear projects that consist of highly strict manufacturing standards.