The Delivery of BOP Modules & Interconnecting Piping of Combined Cycle Power Plant in Mexico

Cimtas Pipe has successfully completed the delivery of BOP Modules and interconnecting piping to GE Power, which will be installed to 2 x 7H Class Machine Combined Cycle Power Plant in Mexico, on 14 February 2019.

Cimtas Pipe has delivered module structures, prefabricated and hydro tested pipe spools, installed spools, valves, instrumentation, tubing lines, cable trays and cables and completed mock-up assembly works, all functional tests, heat tracing, insulation works for a total scope of around 29 sub-modules and piping weighing around 2,000 tons.

The deliveries of the products have been completed to the port in FAS basis in two lots.

Cimtas Pipe Modularization Scope and Our Solutions