SOCAR Türkiye has Chosen CIMTAS Pipe Fitting Works Products for the STAR Refinery, İzmir, Türkiye

SOCAR Türkiye and Cimtas Pipe came to agreement on the STAR Refinery Project to manufacture of fittings as well as supply of pipes and tubes for carbon and stainless steel metallurgies to a total value of USD 2.6 million in August 2018.

The delivery of the first pipes, supplied within the scope of the SOCAR STAR Refinery Project, was completed after the physical condition and documentation quality control checks performed by SOCAR Türkiye Staff in October successfully.

SOCAR's high quality expectations and technical constraints are also indicative of our vision to be the preferred partner for demanding construction projects.

STAR Refinery | Cimtas Pipe Fitting Works Scope
Total Project Scope: 8,031 pcs, 446 tons of pipes, tubes and fittings

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