Cimtas Pipe Keeps Supporting ENKA Power Projects with its Integrated Piping Solutions

Cimtas Pipe, providing over 55,000 tons of pipe spools for power plants around the world up to now, continues to support ENKA with its own manufactured butt weld fittings and piping systems to be used at ENKA’s power plant projects.

In 2021, Cimtas Pipe has been awarded to provide pipe spools for the fast-track projects of ENKA, Misurata 650 MW Simple Cycle Power Plant and Tripoli West 671 MW Simple Cycle Power Plant in Libya. Fabrication of pipe spools is in progress and the planned completion is at the end of October 2021.


Cimtas Pipe Stands Out with its Heavier and Thicker LSAW Pipes in the Offshore Wind Industry

Recently expanding its Longitudinal Submerged Arc Welded ("LSAW’’) pipe production range, Cimtas Pipe has fabricated LSAW structural tubulars consisting of LSAW pipes at 64 inches in diameter and 50 mm wall thickness for the Floating Offshore Wind Project in France and delivered the first batch of the products at the end of January 2021.

These tubulars, manufactured according to API 5L and EN 1090-2, will be used as parts of columns of the floating substructure.
Thanks to increased capacity and special solutions to demanding projects, Cimtas Pipe strengthens its place among the sector players providing heavier and thicker welded steel pipes for the offshore market.


Cimtas Pipe Broadens its Global Footprint with LSAW Pipe and Fitting Approvals of Qatar Petroleum

Cimtas Pipe is pleased to announce that its carbon steel and ferritic LSAW pipe, and Fitting product groups have been approved in the Projects Preferred Manufacturer List (PPML) of Qatar Petroleum, the state-owned petroleum company of Qatar in the oil and gas industry.

With this new achievement and ADNOC approvals received in 2020, Cimtas Pipe will serve its MENA customers from a single location​.


We Plant Trees for a Sustainable Environment

As subsidiaries of ENKA, Çimtaş Group Companies aim to mitigate their operations' effects on the environment following ENKA’s sustainability targets.

Cimtas Pipe and Çimtaş Precision’s waste management solution partners, Atıksa, Burkasan, Golteks, and Dekasan, have contributed to our sustainability and social responsibility activities determined within the scope of supply chain management by donating 1,500 trees on behalf of our companies to the Turkish Foundation for Combating Soil Erosion Foundation (TEMA), a non-governmental organization (NGO) for reforestation and the protection of natural habitats in Türkiye.

We would like to thank our solution partners for their contribution towards leaving a more livable world for future generations.

For more information about the scope of ENKA’s sustainability activities, you can visit the ENKA Sustainability Website.


Cimtas Pipe was Awarded to Provide LSAW Pipes and Fittings to
Hinkley Point C Nuclear Plant

Cimtas Pipe and GE Power will continue their long-term business relationship, ongoing since 2002 and based on mutual trust, with material supply solutions including newly promoted commodities of Cimtas Pipe to Hinkley Point C Nuclear Plant.

Within the scope of the project, Cimtas Pipe will manufacture 750 tons of LSAW pipes and 455 tons of elbows and tees in alloy, stainless and carbon steel material grades to be used in steam turbine piping of two units in the Hinkley Point C Nuclear Plant, 3,200 MW with two EPR reactors in Somerset, England.

While the first unit deliveries are planned to be completed in May 2021, the project will finish with Unit 2 deliveries in May 2022.

This project with GE Power carries importance in terms of including the first material supply to a nuclear project and enabling Cimtas Pipe to be distinguished from other suppliers with its capabilities for challenging nuclear projects that consist of highly strict manufacturing standards.

La Hague Nuclear Fuel Recovery Facility France

The Site Installation of the Equipment Fabricated by Cimtas Pipe for
the La Hague Nuclear Fuel Recovery Facility is Completed

Cimtas Pipe has provided the full scope of services including detail engineering, material supply, fabrication, and site delivery for 6 pressurizer units, pots, boilers, condensers, and ventilation stacks within the scope of orders received from Orano in late 2018 for the La Hague Nuclear Fuel Recovery Facility in France.

The condensers to be used for the New Fission Production Concentration Unit Project (NCPF), arrived at the site and the field installation has been completed successfully.

All the parts of the condensers are fabricated in X2 Cr Ni 18 9 to warrant a service life of 32 years. During design and fabrication, particular attention was focused on the condition that these condensers meet France's Nuclear Pressure Equipment Regulation (ESPN), which sets out the regulations applicable to nuclear pressure equipment, in particular to the primary coolant system.

Each of 6 units; 4,05 meters in length and 4,2 tons

Compliance with regulatory requirements is ensured by design quality and was monitored during manufacturing through scheduled inspections.


Thanks to this project completed with ORANO (formerly known as AREVA), one of the global players in the nuclear sector, Cimtas Pipe has proven its competencies for challenging nuclear-related projects.

U Bundle TUBE for Condenser

Cimtas Pipe is now Exxon’s Approved Vendor
for its Products, LSAW Pipes and Fittings

Cimtas Pipe is proud to be an approved vendor for Exxon, leading operator company in the Oil&Gas industry worldwide, for carbon steel welded pipe and buttweld end fitting product groups.

Cimtas Boru, which has become the approved supplier for companies like Exxon that carry out challenging projects worldwide, continues to be a pioneer in its field, providing integrated piping system solutions for the energy, oil, gas and offshore sectors.


With LSAW Pipe, Fitting and Induction Bend  Approvals,
Cimtas Pipe
is now IPS Supplier for ADNOC

In addition to the already approved fabricated pipe spools, hangers and supports, Cimtas Pipe is pleased to announce approvals of its LSAW pipe, fitting and induction bend product groups by Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC), one of the world's largest energy companies in terms of both reserves and production.

These approvals will allow Cimtas Pipe to better serve customers in the region through its Integrated Piping Solutions.

Approved Scope


  • Fitting Scope
    • 160708 – Fittings- For Pipes- CS/AS/SS -BW
    • 160731 – Fittings for Pipes- Metalic
    • 160754 – Pipe Induction Bends (Cladded / Uncladded)
  • LSAW Scope
    • 160708 – Fittings- For Pipes- CS/AS/SS -BW
    • 160731 – Fittings for Pipes- Metalic

150,000 Safe Hours Achieved at the SOCAR Star Refinery ENKA Construction Site of the IFOP Project

We are pleased to complete 150,000 working hours without lost-time accidents as of the end of June 2020 at the SOCAR Star Refinery ENKA Site in Aliağa, İzmir, to install the pipe spools fabricated by Cimtas Pipe for the SOCAR Star Refinery IFOP Project under the scope of Integrated Piping Solutions* (IPS).

In memory of this achievement, a ceremony took place on the ENKA IFOP Site, and Mr. Kanan Mirzayev, Head of Business Excellence at SOCAR, presented the Zero Accident Award to Mr. Cem Geyik, Vice President of the Cimtas Board.

We want to thank the ENKA Employees who contributed to this success and the SOCAR-STAR Refinery IFOP Project Team for their continuous support and leadership. We hope to complete the project with “Zero Accidents”.


The precautions, taken in the face of the COVID-19 Outbreak, which manifests a grave threat to human health, and deeply affects our economic and social lives all over the world, have become our top priority.
While the uncertainty of the Outbreak continues around the world, we are dedicated to pursuing our operations to support our customers and other stakeholders by protecting our employees’ health to the highest degree possible, with our understanding that the occupational safety of our employees assures the sustainability of our business.
Since the first days of the pandemic, Cimtas Group has been following the safety guidelines introduced by the Chinese and Turkish Governments at our 7 facilities located in China and Türkiye.
So far, Cimtas Ningbo, with a workforce comprising 400 Cimtas Employees, and which follows the Chinese Government’s hygiene and quarantine measures, has managed to continue operations without serious health issues or workday loss.
The COVID-19 Precautions and Practices which are applied at Cimtas Group’s 5 facilities in Türkiye follow Turkish Government legislation, reflecting good examples and effective implementations from China.
We can summarize the scope of Cimtas Group’s Precautions under 3 main headings, Hygiene, Social Distancing and Isolation, and Emergency Management.

- Within the scope of Hygiene practices to prevent the spread of the epidemic, personal hygiene training sessions have been run for employees, and internal communication tools and media are used effectively.
- We started to take employees’ temperatures in the company shuttles before entering the facilities, and increased the cleaning frequency of shared areas and vehicles.
- We have multiplied the number of liquid hand disinfectants, and started distributing cologne for personal usage. While mask usage has been made mandatory, we distribute surgical type masks to our employees regularly.
- Ventilation is primarily provided with natural air. Areas that rely on air conditioning systems are cleaned and disinfected frequently.
- Within the scope of social distancing and Isolation measures, we defined a working discipline based on social distancing, with which we aim to secure maximum performance with the lowest numbers of the workforce.
- We increased the number of shifts, limited the use of meeting rooms, and implemented digital meetings. Manufacturing work instructions are also attended by small groups.
- The Dining Hall seating layout has been adjusted to accommodate social distancing conditions, and all non-food items are packaged separately.
- Employees at risk of chronic illnesses or who are over 65 years old, started to work from home. On the other hand, employees who continue to come to the facilities began to work according to social distancing in the offices, bays, shuttles, resting areas, dressing rooms, etc.
- Employees displaying flu symptoms, or who have relatives diagnosed with COVID-19, work from home.
- All international visits to/from our premises are temporarily suspended. In case of emergency and breakdown, A COVID-19 Procedure has been put in place for the entrances of domestic third parties to Cimtas Facilities.
- In case of emergency or breakdown, a COVID-19 Procedure has been put in place for the entry of domestic third parties to Cimtas Facilities.
- COVID-19 Precautions are defined and implemented by the Crisis Coordination Groups of Group Companies, led by the Cimtas Leadership Team.
- A COVID-19 Emergency Plan has been prepared within the scope of Crisis Management.
- An Emergency Case Process Management has been drawn up in accordance with this plan, and to ensure effective implementation and monitoring, and all related documents have been added to the Group Companies’ HSE System.



Tüm dünyada insan sağlığını tehdit eden, ekonomik ve sosyal hayatlarımızı derinden etkileyen COVID-19 Salgını’na yönelik alınan önlemler insan yaşantısının birinci önceliğine yerleşti.
Salgına yönelik belirsizlik dünya çapında devam ederken “Çimtaş’ta işlerimizin sürdürülebilirliğinin güvencesi İş Güvenliğidir” anlayışımız doğrultusunda çalışanlarımızın sağlığını mümkün olan en üst seviyede koruyarak, müşterilerimizi ve diğer paydaşlarımızı destekleyerek operasyonlarımıza devam ediyoruz.
Çimtaş Grup, Çin ve Türkiye’deki 7 farklı tesisinde salgının yayıldığı ilk günden bu yana Çin ve Türk Devletlerinin aldıkları tedbirlere uygun hareket etmektedir.
Çin Devleti tarafından uygulamaya alınan hijyen ve karantina tedbirleri doğrultusunda faaliyetlerine devam eden Cimtas Ningbo bugüne kadar 400 Çimtaşlı çalışanıyla ciddi sağlık vakası ya da iş günü kaybı yaşamamayı başarmıştır. Çimtaş’ın Türkiye’deki 5 tesisinde de yürürlükte olan “COVID-19 Önlem ve Uygulamaları ” Çin’deki örnek ve etkin uygulamaları yansıttığı gibi Türk Devletin’nin yürürlükteki yasal mevzuatını da içermektedir. 

Çimtaş Grup Şirketleri kapsamında alınan önlemleri Hijyen, Sosyal Mesafe ve İzolasyon, Acil Durum Yönetimi olmak üzere 3 ana grupta özetleyebiliriz.

- Hijyen uygulamaları kapsamında salgının yayılımını engellemek amacıyla çalışanlara kişisel hijyen ile ilgili sürekli eğitimler verilirken, iç iletişim araç ve kanalları etkin bir şekilde kullanılmaktadır.
- Çalışma ve diğer ortak kullanım alanlarının/araçların temizlik sıklığını artırdık ve tesislere girmeden önce servislerde ateş ölçümü uygulamasına başladık.
- Çalışma alanlarındaki el dezanfektanlarını artırdık ve bireysel kullanım için sürekli kolonya dağıtımına geçtik. Maske kullanımı zorunlu hale getirilirken tıbbi maskeler düzenli olarak dağıtılmaktadır.
- Havalandırma öncelikle doğal hava ile sağlanmakta, mümkün olmayan alanlar için filtre sistemleri sürekli temizlenmekte ve dezenfekte edilmektedir.
- Sosyal Mesafe ve İzolasyon önlemleri kapsamında bu dönemde az çalışan ile maksimum performans hedefimizden yola çıkarak sosyal mesafeye dayalı çalışma disiplinini tanımladık.
- Vardiya sayısını artırdık, toplantı odalarının kullanımını sınırlandırdık ve dijital toplantıları uygulamaya aldık. İmalat iş talimatları da az sayılı gruplar ile yapılmaktadır.
- Yemekhane düzeni sosyal mesafe kuralına uygun olarak değiştirilmiş, yemek hariç tüm diğer malzemeler ambalajlanmaktadır.
- Kronik hastalık riski taşıyan ve 65 yaş üzerindeki çalışanlarımızın evden çalışmaları sağlanırken işe gelmeye devam eden çalışanlarımız için ofis, hol, servis, dinlenme alanları, soyunma odaları, vb çalışma ortamlarında sosyal mesafe düzeninde çalışmaya geçilmiştir.
- Gribal semptom gösteren ya da iş dışında yakınlarında COVID-19 teşhisi koyulan çalışanlarımızın evden çalışmaları sağlanmaktadır.
- COVID-19 önlemlerinin tanımlanması ve uygulamaya geçirilmesi Çimtaş Üst Yönetimi liderliğinde Grup Şirketlerinin Kriz Koordinasyon Grupları tarafından yapılmaktadır.
- Kriz yönetimi kapsamında COVID-19 Acil Durum Eylem Planı hazırlanmış, plan dahilinde etkin uygulama ve takip için Acil Durum Süreç Yönetimi tanımlanarak ilgili tüm dokümanlar şirketlerimizin İş Sağlığı ve Güvenliği Yönetim Sistemlerine kazandırılmıştır.



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ÇİMTAŞ GROUP, a subsidiary of ENKA, having 50 years of experience and 5 subsidiaries with an aggregated annual capacity of 380,000 tons, provides engineering, procurement, fabrication, machining, modularization, erection and installation services to the leading customers of construction, power (including nuclear), oil, gas and chemicals industries.

Çimtaş Steel and its subsidiaries fabricate pressure vessels, heat recovery steam generators, storage tanks, steel structures, steel bridges, steel wind towers, wind turbine rotor & stators, oil and chemical tankers, power ships, offshore and subsea structures, piping systems, process skids and modules, turbine auxiliary systems, combustion casings, end covers and liners for gas turbines, cold and hot formed pipe fitting components according to ASME, AISC, API, AS 9100, AWS, ISO and EN standards.

  • Over 200 Major Projects
  • Over 280,000 tons Produced in Total
  • In Over 40 Countries
  • Over 200,000 tons/year Capacity
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