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Fitting Works started its operations in December 2015 at Bursa Fee Zone, Gemlik, Türkiye, as part of Cimtas Pipe's Integrated Piping Solutions. The facility is built on a 17,000 sqm fenced yard with 13,000 sqm of manufacturing shop and office space. The Fitting Works is capable of manufacturing butt weld fittings, laterals, flanges, branch connections, and induction bends (from 2.5'' to 36'') with 6,000 tons of annual capacity.

Fitting Works verifies product compliance with international standards through its in-house certified mechanical and metallographic test laboratory.

Manufacturing Methods

  • Cold Forming, Hot Forming, Hot Forming by Mandrel, Cold Rolling and Machining

Cimtas Designed Products

  • CIM INSERT® & CIM Let®
  • Special Products
    • SWEEPLUSTM (patent pending 62/443,081)
    • Designed by Bechtel based on the Acoustic-Induced-Vibration (AIV)
    • Manufactured by Cimtas Pipe
  • Commitment to Safety, Quality, and Ethics Lean Production Approach