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Multiple production features and solutions for handling wide range of pipe diameter & thickness combinations;

  • JCO Bending > Post Bending > Calibration & Straightening
  • Edge Crimping > JCO Bending > Calibration & Straightening

JCO Forming

  • Globally proven industry leading technology
  • 52,000 kN high capacity bending press
  • Deflection compensation eliminating lower tool change

Post Bending

  • Post bending utilizing press technology instead of rollers
  • 15,000 kN high capacity for bending straight ends up to wall thickness: 45 mm
  • Minimized lower tool change

Heat Treatment

  • Heat Treatment possibility by two different methods:
    • Batch type furnace
    • Induction treatment
  • PWHT and normalizing in batch type furnace
  • Annealing and normalizing for both Carbon, Stainless and Alloy pipes by custom made hi-tech induction equipment
Scope- PipecalibrationCrimping-SayfaIci- 2-5

Calibration and Crimping

  • Unique design for multi-purpose pressing operation
  • 35,000 kN high capacity calibration press
  • Multi-purpose functionality for:
    • Crimping (for pre-bending)
    • Calibration (for roundness)
    • Straightening (for banana form)

Ultrasonic Testing

  • Globally proven industry leader phased array technology
  • Capability of meeting the demanding industry requirements via laser seam tracking
  • Sector scan to optimize the angle of incidence and focus length
  • Multiple probes for weld zone based on wall thickness
Scope- PipeUltrosonicTesting-SayfaIci- 2-6

Radiographic Testing

  • Digital radiography allowing real time inspection
  • YXLON MG 450/4.5 technology
  • 450 kvA power to cover complete thickness range

Hydrostatic Testing

  • 350 bar maximum testing pressure
  • 30,000 kN maximum pressing force
  • Moving head and custom engineered air exhausting system