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CIMTAS Pipe fabricates critical Piping systems including but not limited to steam, water, oil, gas and air services typically found in electric power generating stations in industrial and institutional plants, geothermal heating systems and central district heating and cooling systems namely boiler piping, boiler external piping, non-boiler external piping, main steam piping, on base and off base auxiliary piping etc.

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Cimtas Pipe fabricates non-critical process piping systems that transport process fluids (e.g. air, steam, water, industrial gases, fuels, chemicals) around an industrial facility involved in a process or for the power and petrochemical industries where ASME stamps or CE marking is required.


Cimtas Pipe offers turn-key solutions and components for in-house fabrication of OEM piping systems including gas and steam turbine related on-base and off-base piping systems for equipment manufacturers where ASME stamp, CE marking or any quality or territory related standard is required.

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