A Major Stride towards Integrated Piping Solutions

"CIMTAS PIPE Fitting Works"

CIMTAS PIPE, first started its operations in 2002 to fabricate carbon and stainless steel 'Pipe Spools' with effective use of advanced technology, operational excellence and flexibility at its first fabrication shop ''Spool Works'', had commenced the production of ''fittings, flanges and branch connections'' at CP Fitting Works in 2015 as an important step of Integrated Piping Solutions.

The Fitting Works started its operations in December 2015 at Bursa Free Zone, Gemlik, Türkiye. The facility is fully equipped to produce all types of fittings, flanges and branch connections (engineered by Cimtas Pipe),   as well as induction and cold bending of pipes. The range of products varies from ½” to 60” with wall thicknesses of 3 – 150 mm manufactured by Cold Forming, Cold Rolling, Hot Forming, Hot Forming by Mandrel and Machining methods.

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The Manufacturing Process at Cimtas Pipe Fitting Works starts with design (for branch connections CIM LET and CIM INSERT Series) of a product, continues with the forming of a sheet metal or a pipe and ends with various of products to be combined with pipe spools for demanding piping projects.

The Fitting Works is equipped with hi-tech machinery park including an in house laboratory, which is capable to deliver testing services required by the industrial standards.