Equipment Delivery for the Nuclear Fuel Recovery Plant in France

Cimtas Pipe was awarded to provide the full scope of services, consisting of detail engineering, material supply, fabrication and site delivery of the plant equipment, including pressurizers, pots, boilers, condensers and ventilation stacks, for the La Hague Nuclear Fuel Recovery Plant Project in France in 2018.
This was Cimtas Pipe’s first project with Orano, formerly known as AREVA, a major global player in used nuclear fuel recycling.

This equipment will be used for the New Fission Production Concentration Unit Project (NCPF), which will replace existing evaporators at the two extraction facilities for uranium, plutonium and fission separation. The processing of the used fuel is governed by high standards of criticality-safety, and stringent expectations on product quality.

Delivery of non-critical boilers, condensers and pressurizers was completed in January 2019, and delivery of the stacks is planned for later in 2019.

Pressurized Equipment

Cimtas Pipe provided services including detail engineering, material supply, fabrication and site delivery for 6 pressurizer units in 2018.


Non-Critical Boilers & Condensers

Cimtas Pipe has delivered 138 pcs of pots, boilers and condensers with a service scope including detail engineering, material supply and manufacture, and site delivery.



The anchor bolt installation templates of the stacks, transmitting the loads and ensuring the stability, were delivered in 2018. In addition to this, Cimtas Pipe will supply two ventilation stacks, 25 and 9 meters in height respectively, designed to be laid out on the extension of the New Concentration of Fission Products (NCPF) building on the La Hague site, in 2019. The scope of service includes detail engineering, material supply, manufacturing, site delivery and site installation.