Cimtas Pipe LSAW Pipe Works manufactured its first Stainless Steel LSAW Pipes for the Corpus Christi LNG Project, Stage 2 ,U.S.A.,

Following completion of the first carbon steel LSAW pipes from diameter 16" to 60" per ASTM and API standards, CP LSAW Pipe Works, has now manufactured its first stainless steel LSAW Pipes with diameter and wall thickness ranging successively between 24” to 60" and 9.53 mm to 30 mm, for the Corpus Christi LNG Project, Stage 2, U.S.A.

These LSAW pipes are also a gateway as the first manufactured stainless steel LSAW pipes by Cimtas Pipe for Integrated Piping Systems (IPS) era of producing pipes, fittings and spools from a single location.

Ahead of the Industry Standards