We are pioneering our field, having received a grant from the European Union for our Digital Transformation Project

Cimtas Pipe is one of the partners in the PIANiSM Project, funded by the European Union for Industry 4.0

Cimtas Pipe was awarded a grant upon becoming a partner in the PIANiSM (Predictive and Prescriptive Automation in Smart Manufacturing) Project, which is funded by the European Union’s ITEA3 program to support R&D projects for Industry 4.0. Cimtas Pipe has been implementing the Digital Transformation Project since October, 2017. Thus, the national award-winning Digital Transformation Project has established itself as an international value-added project.

PIANiSM aims to combine predictive and prescriptive maintenance techniques for an end-to-end automated manufacturing process, and to optimize end-to-end manufacturing value chains.
The PIANiSM Project is an international partnership cooperation with a total of 15 partners, 8 of which are from Türkiye, 1 from Canada, and 3 each from Portugal and Spain, and will light the way for technologies of future.

European Union project monitoring will be conducted by the authorities of the countries concerned. In Türkiye’s case, reporting will be to TUBITAK, under the Teydeb 1509* support program.

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